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Letter: Reduce government's footprint

To the Editor:

I was troubled by the Sept. 22 R-E story concerning the way state regulators have been handling St. Paul's Church in Zumbrota, and I wanted to bring more attention to it because it's a perfect example of why I'm running for the state Senate.

My campaign is based around the theme of "Reducing Government's Footprint" because I believe that government has become:

• Too big

• Too expensive

• Too intrusive in people's lives

Government has a legitimate role in public infrastructure, public education, and providing public safety.

But over the past decade we've seen government expanding its reach into every aspect of people's lives, on issues both big and small. Our government continues to over-spend year after year without any accountability.

Government continues to pick winners and losers, arbitrarily choosing who to help and who to let go out of business. In its bailout of General Motors, the government determined it could invalidate contracts between the company and private bondholders.

I believe mainstream Minnesotans want government to perform its basic functions.

But when people like the good folks at St. Paul's Church feel powerless against a bureaucrat's inflexible enforcement of regulations designed for restaurants and hotels, government has gone too far.

On my campaign website,, it says "every government rule and regulation takes away a little bit of our personal freedom and liberty."

My commitment to the parishioners of St. Paul's Church -- and every resident of District 28 -- is that I am going to come down on the side of greater freedom, personal responsibility and accountability, and enhanced liberty.

I will remain steadfast against the ongoing expansion of government into every aspect of Minnesotan's lives. Keep in mind, experience does matter.

John Howe

Red Wing

John Howe is running for Senate District 28.