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Lincoln High School to stage 'Ransom of Miss Elverna Dower'

Olivia Jankowski and Sam Fitterer, the leads in Lincoln High's fall play, pose for a photo before beginning dress rehearsal. Both students have participated in previous school plays and performances. Rachel Fergus/ River Town Multimedia

Lake City's Lincoln High School is in the last few days of rehearsal before its fall play, "The Ransom of Miss Elverna Dower." The play will run Friday, Nov. 9, and through Sunday, Nov. 11.

"The Ransom of Miss Elverna Dower" opens on a Tuesday in February when Casey (played by senior Olivia Jankowski) is dreading the oration that she is scheduled to present in Ms. Dower's English class that day.

To avoid class and all of its homework, Casey and best friend Tim (sophomore Sam Fitterer) kidnap Ms. Dower and decide to keep her locked in a storage closet until the school's principal pays a ransom. Predictably, chaos ensues.

As problems were dealt with by the director and tech crew and sound effects and lighting were choreographed for the performances, members of the play seemed to put on a comedy show within the starts and stops of the dress rehearsal. Students danced across the stage and in the wings, came out to tell jokes to an empty auditorium, and played baseball with a stuffed rat and an umbrella.

If the energy and humor that was present in the dress rehearsal is on stage during the performances, the play will be fabulous.