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Poet's perspective influences Barlow, McClockin

Tamsin Barlow has linocut works in traditional and unusual landscape paintings hanging in the "Inscape" exhibit Nov. 27-Dec. 30, 2017, at Zumbrota's Crossings at Carnegie.

ZUMBROTA — Tamsin Barlow and Alison McClockin both love the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, who uses the term "inscape" in his work. Inscape means the "thingness" of a thing to sanctity.

Bartlow and McClockin will share their perceptions of inscape — that each creation has a special inscape — through their new exhibit at Crossings. The exhibit opened Nov. 27 and runs through Dec. 30.

The public is invited to meet the artists and view their work at a reception 6-7:15 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2. Wine and light appetizers will be served.

Barlow shares her world travels and love of nature with a bold use of strokes and color. Barlow's work ranges from traditional landscapes, modern expression and crisp linocut work.

"I love to paint lonely landscapes: trees, far-away mountains and hills, big skies. I feel pulled toward them. I don't paint because I have a tortured soul. I don't paint to make a statement or to raise social awareness. I paint because the world is dizzyingly beautiful and I want to see if I can place a portion of that on my canvases," she said.

Mixed media artist McClockin said her work is a study in play and creative invention. She said she is inspired by wooded hills, northern lakes, small woodland creatures and the intensity of Minnesota's four seasons. She incorporates everyday materials but also harvests materials and utilizes farming experiences, producing unexpected work full of soft hues and bold patterns.

For more information, visit, call 507-732- 7616 or stop in to Crossings at 320 East Ave., Zumbrota.