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Collaboration key to 'new' festival events

In planning the 2018 Fall Festival, Red Wing Arts organizers reached out to the community and discovered that lots of other groups — such as nonprofits, local musicians and youth organizations — were more than willing to be included.

"We're trying to get different groups of people in the community involved with the arts," said recently appointed Executive Director Emily Guida Foos.

"Collaboration is a big thing for us," injected Lacy Schumann, program coordinator.

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Working with others, such as partnering with the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance on the current "Utopian Islands of Lake Pepin" exhibit, enables Red Wing Arts to address relevant issues that are meaningful to the community, Foos said.

Through displaying other groups' stories, they facilitate important conversations, Schumann agreed. On that same positive note, Foos added, Red Wing Arts broadens its base in the community.

Another new facet of this year's festival, Foos said, is business sponsorships. The weekend is a busy time for local restaurants and downtown businesses, she said. "We're bringing value into the community; in return, we are asking for support in the form of sponsorships."

She sees this year as an introduction to new features. "We will do our best this year so more people will want to get involved next year," Foos said.