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Red Wing award for pottery announced

Katharine Eksuzian based this pottery piece on a decomposing tree hollow. Photo provided by Northern Clay Center1 / 4
Katharine Eksuzian. Photo provided by her. 2 / 4
Katharine Eksuzian used lichen for inspiration in creating this pot. Photo provided by Northern Clay Center3 / 4
This pottery by Katharine Eksuzian one of her pieces that focuses on blueberries. Photo provided by Norther Clay Center.4 / 4

Katharine Eksuzian of Victoria was recently announced as the 2018 recipient of the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award. This award was given through the Northern Clay Center. According to the center, the award is for an individual who is working toward a career in pottery or studying or researching historical aspects of pottery and the industry.

Mackenzie Catton, program associate at Northern Clay, explained that Eksuzian has been working with the organization since January 2015.

Catton wrote, "Katharine has made great strides toward being a professional potter in a short amount of time. She is very active in the region, participating annually in numerous regional fairs."

Currently, Eksuzian is focusing on pottery pieces that are inspired by the forest. In her artist statement, Eksuzian explains this focus: "My current work is based on the idea of shinrin-yoku. This is a Japanese term that means 'taking in the forest atmosphere' or 'forest bathing.' There is evidence that this type of forest therapy improves both physical and mental health.Through the creation of nature-inspired ceramic work, I hope to elicit a sense of shinrin-yoku and impart a pleasantness onto the beholder."

The theme of the forest atmosphere is seen throughout Eksuzian's most recent pieces. Her online gallery includes pieces that resemble tree bark, blueberries, oak leaves and acorns, ginko leaves, roots, mushrooms and more.

Eksuzian has a couple of events scheduled for the end of 2018. On Dec, 1, Eksuzian and about 70 other makers, artists and crafters will be at the American Craft Council's "Craft Bash" in Minneapolis. From Dec. 14-15, she will be at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska during the arboretum's winter gift market.

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