'Show within show' spotlights pottery


More than a dozen highly accomplished clay and ceramic artists are bringing their creations to a "show within a show" opening Dec. 9 during the Anderson Center Holiday Celebration of the Arts.

Resident potter Julie DeVetter organized the invitational show and contacted just over a dozen individuals, asking each to contribute five pieces.

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The exhibit, aptly titled "Five Pieces," will be in the newly remodeled Potters Gallery on the lower level of Tower View's educational building.

All of the art works will be for sale, DeVetter said, but there will be no sales until 11 a.m. Dec. 9, the day of the holiday celebration.

"Some of the potters are very well known" in the area of ceramics and clay, she said. "These are prominent artists who have made huge contributions to the clay world," including one past recipient of the A.P. Anderson Award.

Others are emerging artists who have demonstrated talent.

Potters from around the region will be participating, including men and women who create both sculptural and functional pieces.

"The idea is to show a wide range of work, techniques and skills within the field of clay," DeVetter said. Different types of clay bodies and firings will be represented. "The range demonstrates the breadth of the field."

The show also aims to acknowledge Tower View's role in supporting and encouraging creativity.

"It's a tribute to the Anderson Center and the support they've shown for artists," DeVetter said.

She also wants to expose people to the range of creative expression that can be found in the field.

"I want to focus on education," she explained. For example, there will be a panel of images illustrating the steps to hand-forming a pot. The panel is being prepared by another Anderson Center resident potter, Angela Foley, who also will be part of the exhibit.

In addition, DeVetter will be in her adjacent studio talking about pottery.

The exhibit — and sales — will continue through Dec. 30, as long as there still are pieces to show. Some of the potters may replenish as their creations are sold.

People interested in seeing the pottery before the holiday celebration are welcome to stop at the Anderson Center next week and check it out, DeVetter said, although there will be no advance sales.

If you go…

Who: artists, musicians, writers
What: Holiday Celebration of the Arts
When: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Dec. 9
Where: Anderson Center at Tower View
How much: Small admission fee
More info: 651-388-2009 or www.andersoncenter.org