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Friends in high places? Gov. Mark Dayton talks Garth Brooks into extra show

ST. PAUL -- Country music star Garth Brooks will spend some extra time in the Twin Cities next spring, he announced Monday.

Brooks in a conference call Dec. 17 with Gov. Mark Dayton and reporters said he'd add a concert on May 3 at U.S. Bank Stadium. Tickets for that show go on sale Thursday, Dec. 20.

The announcement of additional shows came days after Dayton on Twitter asked Brooks to extend his visit, saying 50,000 people tried to get tickets to the May 4 show but it sold out within an hour.

"We would love for Garth to spend the weekend in Minneapolis, where Minnesotans and fans from across the region would surely welcome him with open arms," Dayton said in a statement Friday. On the call Monday, Dayton joked about Brooks' popularity compared to his.

"I haven’t had 50,000 people come to all my events in my entire career," he said.

Brooks said he'd heard about the rapid sell-out from officials at the stadium Friday morning and decided to add a show after his Twitter conversation with the governor.

"It was very flattering, very humbling and of course it would be a joy of mine to play there," Brooks said.

Brooks said he was hesitant to add another program because the theme of his upcoming tour is one special night. But in the end, Brooks said he wanted more people to be able to partake in that special night.

Dayton said he planned to attend one of the Minneapolis concerts and volunteered to sing a duet with Brooks if he performed his hit "Friends in Low Places."