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Elevating the arts in Red Wing

Red Wing Arts Association has simplified its name and expanded its mission. After 65 years of service, the organization will be called Red Wing Arts. A new logo goes with the new name.

"We hope that dropping 'association' from our name makes us more accessible and inviting. Association can sometimes imply a closed type of group," Executive Director Mary Lee said.

Red Wing Arts is just the opposite. The organization is proud of the support it's provided to the arts and the artists locally, but also for the extended programming in Red Wing's creative community, the board said in a news release.

Today, Red Wing Arts builds and creates arts experiences for the entire city — from the civilian/soldier cutout sculpture that is Veterans Memorial in Levee Park to Pollinator Park and its butterfly figure on Main Street, from the traditional summer Concerts in Central Park to the Red Wing Arts Festival that is going strong after 50-plus years.

Red Wing Arts' vision has expanded to be recognized as a major cultural and economic catalyst in the community where lives, jobs and families are improved through art.

Lee said the mission is to support and advance the work of artists in the region and to build a community that recognizes, appreciates and celebrates the importance of artists and the power of art in people's lives.

"The mission statement builds on the old, particularly being of service to artists. What is now more explicit is our desire to build a community that enjoys and values the arts in Red Wing," she said.

The late Marge Vogel led the effort to create Red Wing Arts. The late Dan Guida, the longtime director, helped make it what it is today, Lee said, through those the citywide arts experiences that inspire us.

"We will continue the strong programming in place and build on it to best serve Red Wing in 2017 and beyond," Lee said.

Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson is news director with RiverTown Multimedia. 

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