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Spotlight: Crossings exhibit

ZUMBROTA — Opening June 17 and running through July 29, a new exhibit featuring the work of Marie Panlener and Mel Tudisco will hang at Crossings at Carnegie.

Panlener, who lives in St. Paul and is the current president of the NorthStar Watermedia Society, has been working in watercolors since 2009.

"The paints themselves vary in transparency and granularity, and mixing them creates a seemingly endless supply of variables. I sometimes paint abstractly to remove reality from the equation and focus on just what the paint is doing," she said.

The current exhibit focuses primarily her landscapes, but includes a number of more abstract works.

Tudisco has been a metalsmith and jewelry designer for over 20 years and maintains an independent studio in Minneapolis. The current exhibit features her wall pieces.

"I am energized by the reaction and the texture that is created on metal when I distort it with heat, pounding, or paint," she said. "Metal doesn't move easily and I love the coaxing of it to give it a tactile life. I become impelled to produce structure and density where there once was smoothness."

Her highly textured and richly painted works appear at first glance to be purely abstract, but on further observation the viewer will begin to notice elements that hint at landscapes of various kinds. As Tudisco describes it, "these paintings often depict a loose interpretation of a landscape, where highly organic forms merge to reveal the many layers of the Earth's surface over time."

An artists' reception will be 6:30-7:45 p.m. Friday, June 23. To learn more, visit, call 507-732-7616 or stop in at 320 East Ave., Zumbrota.