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Put smoking tax to proper use

To the Editor:

I recently did research for school on the hazards of smoking. I learned about the many dangerous ways smoking can affect you.

While I'm happy that the price of cigarettes has risen, which deters some smokers, I'm not happy about where the extra money is going.

While some money is still going to prevention and helping people quit, over half is going to the state's general fund. I strongly believe that all that money should go into smoking prevention.

People need to be thoroughly aware of what smoking does to you. It yellows your teeth, it increases your risk of chronic obstructive lung disease and other types of respiratory diseases, and it contributes to a variety of different types of cancers. Also, it can decrease fitness by causing blood platelets to stick together which can coat the air sacks in the lungs with tar and that decreases lung capacity.

The money that is being used for roads should be for preventing people from starting to smoke and helping them quit. People need to be aware of the dangers of smoking. Everyone needs to be reached that needs help to quit.

Ellie Raethke