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Letter: Tell us more about size, location of vet sculpture

To the Editor:

I have followed the project of the Red Wing Arts Association with respect to partnering with local veterans sharing their experiences in art almost since its inception. It is a most admirable gesture and I would hope that those who wish to participate are able to readjust into civilian life through their efforts.

I read with interest and some concern the letter written by Carol Duff (R-E, Feb. 26) about where this proposed sculpture should not be placed.

I am a 20-year veteran with two cold-war tours at both ends of the Iron Curtain and although I have been close enough to the “front lines" of that curtain with the mission of preparing the “button” on order, I would not dare to insert myself into the experiences of those who have borne the brunt of combat.

This is the first that I have heard of a sculpture being considered and I am curious to see the final design. It must be fairly large to obstruct some of the view of the river in any one of the three parks we have. I have been to all three and have had no problem seeing the river from the obstructions already there. As to viewing from the river, it may or may not catch the eye of those boating, but it would remind those in and out of the community of the resolve we have to live in peace and the sacrifice those veterans made to keep it that way.

As there were no suggestions as to where this sculpture could be placed, let me suggest John Rich Park. It is highly visible to everyone who passes by on East and West avenues.

So while the art workshops are set to help those veterans recover from scars of war, let's also allow them to place their works where they decide to do so. That gesture would complete the total effort.

John J Cain

Red Wing

United States Army retired