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Letter: Howe has many life experiences

To the Editor:

As a retired airline captain, I have a great appreciation for the value of experience. There are many variables involved in flying an aircraft, and it takes years to learn how to handle different situations. When Capt. Sullenberger was able to land his plane in the Hudson River, it was because experience prepared him for that situation.

With both the state and federal governments running big deficits and the economy struggling, I think it's important to have people with experience making decisions in the state Senate. That's why I'm supporting Red Wing Mayor John Howe.

Howe knows what it's like to be part of a family farm. As a small business owner, he knows what it takes to create jobs. As mayor, he's had to balance a budget in difficult times, adapting to different situations. Besides this, he's had the experience of raising a family, owning a home, paying property taxes and holding a permanent full-time job.

Joe Fricke can't claim to one of those experiences. I know that lots of kids think they have all the answers when they first get out of college, but life has a way of making them understand the value of experience. John Howe is the easy choice in this Senate race.

Steve Stubbe