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Letter: Don't expect a return in the political football game

To the Editor:

I should be glad to help the Vikes, right?

It's awesome what state central planners and their crony capitalists can create with someone else's money like the "futuristic" Vikings stadium. Since my elected representatives intend to confiscate a portion of my earnings to invest in the "people's stadium," is it not reasonable to expect a modest return on my investment?

I won't hold my breath. And I naively planned to invest that small portion of my income in my own "futuristic" retirement.

But the secular political and corporate elite scold me that I am being selfish and need to think of the "greater good" that this professional sports cathedral will bring to Minnesota. Why, didn't our governor proclaim that "It's about providing jobs to Minnesotans who won't have one without this undertaking"? And we all admire the lifetime of financial success of Mark Dayton, a trust fund heir to the family wealth amassed (but not taxed) by his ancestors.

The billion dollar sport's temple is what the politicians want you to see. They get to take political bows and spend your money first without facing any personal risk. What will never be seen are the real economic benefits that not created by that same billion dollars. This lost capital would have been invested by the true risk takers, like manufacturers, resource companies and small business throughout the state. Only they create real wealth, real jobs and real opportunities for all Minnesotans in towns and cities outside the political holy land of St. Paul.

However, I am comforted to know that I did my small part to help one struggling multi-billionaire owner's family and the multi-millionaire football player's families to put food on their tables while putting away a small portion for their retirement. We know that it is sacrilegious to anger the professional sports pantheons who in their wrath chronically threaten to abandon us mortals should we not offer sacrifices to their greatness.

While it is too late for me to sign on the crony capitalist welfare team, I intend to drag my creaky bones across the river where I can selfishly spend what will be left my retirement after the tax spenders are finished with me. Why, I may even attend a game at a real people's stadium, Lambeau Field.

Craig Livingstone

Red Wing