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Letter: CARE Clinic treats at no charge

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Republican Eagle and Ruth Nerhaugen for the wonderful article about the new CARE Clinic scheduled to open Jan. 26 in Red Wing at the former St. John's Hospital. It was a very thorough reporting of what we plan to offer to our community.

There was only one statement that I wish to clarify, concerning patient monetary donations. While we are strictly a nonprofit organization and certainly welcome any financial support we receive, we consider all of our services, including prescription drugs, free to all who qualify.

If there are patients who wish to make a small donation, for whatever reason, we would certainly accept it as a contribution to our future operations, but in a discrete and confidential manner and without any expectations for all other patients.

Dann K. Heilman

Red Wing

Dr. Dann Heilman is medical director of CARE Clinic, Red Wing.