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Letter and Golden Quill winner: Proud of veterans, community

To the Editor:

Memorial Day May 31, 2010, a beautiful day for the memorial service. The Memorial Day committee did a great job in putting on this event.

As the men and women stood up when their service song was played by the Red Wing High School band, I was thankful they had served their country.

All those men and women who served and died over the years for the love of their country, family and neighbors or for an idea, it's humbling. I know that I have at times taken it for granted that this country has freedom and liberty.

As you grow up in a stable town and country, you think that this is the way it always is, that it can't be different.

I am grateful that over the years that I was taught by teachers and family to know and love my country because this knowledge, this feeling doesn't just happen by accident.

To know what other people went through to get to America and why, you come to appreciate our country and why Americans fight to keep our way of life.

As the main speaker, Walter M. Stolpa said, and I am paraphrasing here, people have always sacrificed and put themselves in danger to come to America, not to leave it. No other country has drawn people from all over the world like America.

As I was leaving the service, I walked with a woman along the boathouse harbor road toward my car, I struck up a conversation with her. She said she wasn't from town.

She told me that some towns don't have a Memorial Day service and she thought ours was something special. I was proud of my town and the hard work people put in to make this day memorable.

Christopher Rayner

Red Wing