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Thanks for improving our enviroment

Thank you are two words I don't say often enough.

When your focus is on the environment, most of your time is spent asking people to do something -- write a letter, plant a tree, clean the river, stop polluting, donate money, etc.

Those are all important things and I still want you to do them, but today I'm writing to simply say thank you. There is a long list of people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for all they have done to make our planet earth a better place to live.

As Earth Day comes this month, it seems a good time to express that thanks.

To Aldo Leopold, John Muir and Sigurd Olson for your work to protect land and help to found what we now call the conservation movement.

To Rachel Carson for writing Silent Spring and raising our awareness about how chemicals can adversely affect the creatures on this planet.

To the members of Congress and other elected officials in the 1970s who helped created the environmental laws that help to reduce pollution of air, land and water.

Now more recently and more personally to Dave, Todd, Mike, Ben, Erin, Kathy, Kurt, Regi, Aaron, Molly, Andrew, Betsy and all the area farmers who make soil and water conservation and pollution reduction decisions as part of their farming operation not as an afterthought.

To the youth who get creative and build their own recycling/trash containers to help encourage all of us to recycle more.

To the people in the small communities that the Cannon River Watershed Partnership has worked with for years to upgrade their waste water treatment so they are no longer dumping raw sewage into our waters.

To the Girl Scouts and other groups who help clean up our streets and cut down on the amount of leaves adding phosphorus to the rivers.

You are all inspirations to me and examples of how as an individual I may not be able to do everything, but I can do something.

Thank you and happy Earth Day!