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DNR considers ideas for Fort Snelling

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has received five proposals for restoring and reusing a group of historic buildings overlooking Fort Snelling State Park. The 28 buildings spread out over 32 acres of the Fort Snelling Upper Post are part of a former military facility that has sat mostly vacant for 40 years.

Earlier this year, a request for proposals was issued seeking financially viable ideas for adapting the buildings to new uses while preserving their historic integrity.

A joint powers board will evaluate the proposals and make recommendations before the end of April to DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr, who will then decide which, if any, projects should proceed. Because the projects would rely on long-term leases of state property, state law requires that the commissioner's decision be approved by the state Executive Council, which consists of Minnesota's governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, auditor and secretary of state.