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DNR Question of the Week

Q Now is the time of year when animals start looking for winter shelter. What is the best way to keep bats out of my house?

A The first step in excluding bats is to locate the entry points to your house. Bats can enter through holes as small as three-quarter inches, the diameter of a dime.

Typical entry points include chimneys, louver fans, air intakes, exhaust vents, openings around plumbing, power or cable lines, spaces around doors and windows, and where exterior siding has shrank, warped or loosened.

Close inspection during the day will help determine the exact location of these entry points. Caulk, weatherstripping, insulation materials, screening, steel wool or even duct tape can be used to close these and other entry points.

Efforts to bat-proof your home will also often improve its energy efficiency.

Another good way to keep bats out of the interior of your home is to make sure doors to attics and basements are

well sealed, and that dampers are kept closed when the chimney is not in use.

-- Lori Naumann, DNR Nongame Wildlife Program