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Golf: Driving range opens when snow melts

The driving range at Mississippi National Golf Links did not open as expected, but it's just a matter of time, according to Jay McCleary, the deputy director of the City of Red Wing Public Works.

"We're just obviously waiting on weather," he said.

The City Council decided to open up the driving range to the public and especially to the Red Wing High School golf teams, who uses Mississippi National as "one of their main facilities to practice their swings," McCleary said.

With a golf season that officially started three weeks ago, McCleary said the young golfers are "chomping at the bit" to start practicing outdoors.

When the driving range opens it will be "open from sun up to sun down" and will cost golfers $5 for a bucket of balls.

The Winger girls and boys varsity teams will play their home rounds at Red Wing Golf Club this spring.

The City Council is still figuring out the future of Mississippi National, so "from a public works standpoint, we'll just continue to support that and keep moving forward," McCleary said.