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Richter throws Island's first 300

Red Wing's Jeff Richter bowled the first sanctioned 300 game at Island Xtreme Bowling Center. Richter notched the perfect game on Sept. 21, just two weeks into Monday Night Football League action.1 / 2
The avid bowler tosses his ball down the lanes Monday. Richter has bowled six perfect games and his next goal is shooting an 800 series.2 / 2

Jeff Richter's name will be the first one listed on a new wall of fame at Island Xtreme Bowling Center.

The Red Wing native notched the bowling alley's first 300 on Sept. 21, just two weeks into Monday Night Football League action.

Richter says it's his first season bowling at this facility, located at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, and his third 300 game in sanctioned events. He's notched six overall. Richter, who is an employee at Treasure Island, bowls as part of the alley-sponsored Team Xtreme.

"It was a quite unique situation," said Scott Maasch, Island Xtreme Bowling Center manager. "Everyone in the bowling center paused, stepped back, and let Jeff have his moment.

"From the first ball of the 10th frame, everyone stopped bowling," Maasch continued. "In the entire bowling center, you could hear a pin drop. When the 12th ball left his hand, everyone pretty much stood up and cheered. We knew it was dead-on."

Richter, who works as a bench technician in the casino's slot department, was surrounded by colleagues for the event.

"This league has a lot of the upper echelon of the casino executives out here, and Jeff being a team member made it all the more special," Maasch continued. "General Manager Allan Kronberg got to witness it, congratulate him. It couldn't have happened to a better guy."

"I was excited when I threw it," Richter said. "On the way to it you've just kind of got to be able to stay cool and hit your marks and have a little luck."

David Martinson, one of Richter's teammates, said his ability to make adjustments also was critical.

"When it comes down to bowling a 300 -- having that many strikes in a row -- you have to be able to read what your ball is doing, control the speed of the ball," Martinson said. "And, be able to make a slight board, board-and-a-half adjustment to keep the ball in the pocket. It's very hard to carry all 10 pins.

"He actually had four more strikes after the 300. He was just on."

Richter said he'd like to keep repeating his 300 game.

"But sometimes they're not that easy to get," he said of the perfect, 12-strike tally. "The only other score I wish I could shoot is an 800."

His highest has been a 779 series, Richter said.

Previously, the closest anyone has come to hitting 300 at Island Xtreme Bowling Center is a 279.

In addition to being the first one to have his name on the Island Xtreme Bowling Center plaque, Richter will be the first to have a 300 ring that bears the alley's logo.

"In the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) there's a 300 ring that has the score, the day shot and the alley it was shot at," Maasch explained.

Although 300 games don't happen that often, Maasch said he was "a little shocked" that it took over a year for one to be bowled at Island Xtreme Bowling Center.

The 24-lane bowling alley plays host to four leagues: two men's, one women's and one mixed.