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Elmwood and Plum City announce co-ops in football, cross country

Elmwood and Plum City High Schools will have cooperative athletic programs in the sports of football and cross country starting next fall.

Back on Dec. 5, representatives from the Elmwood and Plum City School Districts began discussion on several items pertaining to the development of new cooperatives in Football and Cross Country for the fall of 2012. The ad hoc committee included school board members, administrators, athletic directors, coaches, and a youth sports representative.

Items included in the discussion were: the coaching staff, home game and practice sites, dates for homecoming and parent's nights, transportation issues, and the selection of a color scheme for the new cooperative uniforms. A final plan was put together by Dec. 12.

The final details were put into a proposal that went to the Elmwood School board on Tuesday, December 20th. The Elmwood School board passed the proposal by a vote of 6-1.

Because the two schools have been in a positive and successful cooperative for Track & Field since 1998, it is the belief of the ad hoc committee and the two school boards that the same kind of relationship will carry over into the new cooperative teams.

The process of selecting a new color scheme for all of the Elmwood - Plum City cooperative teams will begin in January 2012. The uniforms for football, cross-country, and track & field will all display the new color scheme for their upcoming 2012 seasons. The students in grades 6-11 at the Elmwood and Plum City Schools will submit suggestions for the new colors and the ad hoc committee will then sort through them to find the most common ones. With those proposals, the committee will create a ballot for a final vote. The vote will be put forth to both schools and the new color scheme will be determined.