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Letter: Consider taking EV for a spin

To the editor: 

Would you like to save $468 per year on your car's commuting fuel cost (32 miles per work day), reduce your carbon footprint, and save time by eliminating regular trips to the service bay and gas station?

A 100 percent electric vehicle may be right for you. EV performance has reached useful levels. The average USA commute is 16 miles (ABC News), making all modern EV's suitable for this service. With used EV prices now dipping into the $6K range, the price of adoption is becoming more affordable.

Your standard household electrical outlet provides 40 miles of battery range overnight (4 miles per hour). If you need faster home charging, a 240 volt dryer outlet and a Level 2 "Charger" will gain you 220 miles overnight.

If you need to take a road trip, there are high speed chargers across major freeways which provide rates of 150 to 400 mph.

People on their first EV trip are surprised by the quieter ride and brisk acceleration, compared to a fossil-fueled vehicle. Of course, there is still a need for the heavy hauler/ towing truck, but for moving people, EVs are a smart solution, especially now that Xcel Energy's electricity is more than 50 percent carbon free.

Good information on EVs is found at,, and If you are interested in learning more, or going for an EV ride, please contact me; I'm in the phone book.

Bill Gehn

Red Wing