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Letter: Enhance trail to ensure another great 30 years

To the editor:

My family and I drive from Bloomington multiple times per year to enjoy biking and inline skating on the Cannon Valley Trail. As annual trail pass owners, we enjoy dining in Cannon Falls, Welch and Red Wing as we ride and have stayed overnight numerous times in Red Wing.

Please continue to fund this gem of a trail as its popularity grows.

One of the greatest improvements to the trail would be the addition of modern restrooms at Welch Station. This would alleviate the issue of the aroma that emanates from the existing pit toilets which are right next to the picnic tables. Depending on the wind direction it can be a very quick lunch!

I've been coming to the trail for 30 years now and look forward to the next 30 years of maintenance and improvements that this valuable resource deserves.

Thank you for your support in keeping the Cannon Valley Trail a safe and enjoyable biking/hiking trail.

Rick Willmert