Letter: Keep Cannon Valley Trail a treasured resource for years to come


I discovered the wonderful Cannon Valley Trail back in the early 1970s when it was just a crushed rock trail.

I have lived in St. Paul since was 2 years old (I am now 77). Our family being poor in my youth, cobbling together bikes to get around seemed natural.

My first "new" bike was a Schwinn Continental 10 speed that bought in 1957 with money learned while in high school. I still have that bike and regularly ride it for pleasure.

When I first heard about the Cannon Valley Trail, I knew I would have to try it out.

Back then riding a gravel trail on a 28-inch frame bike and being 6 feet 4 inches tall was somewhat challenging. But the scenic beauty of the trail and the natural surroundings without the clutter and danger of riding city streets kept me coming back to the CVT.

I am a longtime member of the Friends of the Cannon Valley Trail. I promote the trail by sharing my stories with those who are looking for a new riding experience.

With two wonderful communities at each end of the trail and an even greater opportunity in the future to experience other Cannon River communities, I believe the CVT will act as a magnet for both current and new users of the trail.

The 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update, if funded as recommended, will allow the CVT staff and volunteers provide both a safe and quality trail experience for the next 10 years.

You have a treasured resource in the CVT which complements the goals of your own "comprehensive plans." I urge Goodhue County, Red Wing and Cannon Falls to be both bold and supportive of this request. Future citizens will look back at this moment in time and judge us all for what we did or didn't do to support our and their treasured resources.

Thank you for your support in keeping the Cannon Valley Trail a safe and enjoyable biking/hiking trail.

Roger Forman

St. Paul