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Letter: Cannon Valley Trail remains the favorite

We support increased funding for the improvements and repairs recommended in the recently updated Cannon Valley Trail Plan.

As bikers on the trail since the day it opened, we have come to appreciate the beauty of the river, the remarkably diverse wildlife and the amazing range of plant communities. As recently as last week we biked to Red Wing, enjoyed views of the Mississippi from the Veranda Restaurant and explored the new trail that sneaks between the grain storage facility and the barges as they are being loaded. The previous week we saw a group of soft shelled turtles on the far bank. Returning home we learned they favor clean sections of river, evidence the protection provided by the trail has direct benefits.

We support additional connections to the trail like the one along Hay Creek to expand the current opportunities the trail provides. Eric biked a loop of roads and trails last summer extending as far east as Reedsburg, Wis. The first and last days were spent biking the Cannon Valley Trail, still our favorite trail in the region.

Eric and Margit Johnson