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Letter: Make Cannon Valley Trail 'flood proof' and end repetitive repairs

To the editor:

I am requesting Goodhue County, Red Wing and Cannon Falls approve of increased government support for Cannon Valley Trail over the next 10 years to complete the necessary improvements and repairs.

I grew up in Red Wing and was residing there when the trail opened. I have religiously biked this trail since then, even when I lived in Oregon and now Wisconsin. I have brought a number of my friends to enjoy the trail along with me.

I have been on many bike trails from Oregon to South Dakota, Connecticut, Colorado and, of course, Minnesota and Wisconsin. This trail is one of my favorites. The reason being, it's quiet, serene, away from traffic and homes/businesses for the majority of the trail … yet you can stop in Welch/Red Wing/Cannon to enjoy the downtown areas.

I have yet to cross-country ski the trail, but would certainly snowshoe it if it were open to that activity.

I have had to forego biking on the trail as it was closed due to flooding as well. So the improvements and repairs necessary to keep this from happening would be beneficial and cost effective. It would actually be a savings to make those areas flood proof instead of keeping the current situation where constantly having to repair the same flooded areas.

Thank you for your support in keeping the Cannon Valley Trail a safe and enjoyable biking/hiking trail.

Sue Allyn

Barron, Wis.