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Letter: Car buying in Red Wing was pleasant experience

To the editor:

I live in Red Wing and work in St. Paul. When it came time to look for a newer car, I had a lot of dealers to choose from. I've seen all the ads on TV and hear them on the radio every day.

I wanted to shop local, so we started looking here in Red Wing. We had an idea on what type of car we wanted, and what options we needed. The first place had a couple cars that fit our needs, but "just not the one." The second place we stopped was Red Wing Ford Chrysler. There it was. Just the car we were looking for.

The salesman, Geoffery, answered all of our questions and helped us with our trade-in. When the deal was all done, we were very happy with the price.

A couple of small issues needed to be taken care of, so an appointment was made with the service department. The service manager, Chuck, made sure I understood the work that was done, and the things to expect as the car gets mileage on it.

What a nice buying experience. We felt like we were treated fairly and with respect.

Dane Murphy

Red Wing