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Letter: Sheldon Theatre Auditorium Board is grateful

To the editor:

The passage of the Minnesota bonding bill was supported by current as well as past local legislators, Red Wing city staff and an activated community over the past several years. The inclusion of the Sheldon Theatre Restoration Project into this bill is now a means to renew a facility that has served Red Wing's entertainment needs and support quality programming into the next decade and beyond.

The Sheldon Theatre Renovation Project includes structural improvements to the roof, windows, walls and entry doors. Interior project components include redesign of the restrooms to ensure Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility, restoration of lobby tile and box office ceiling as well as interior finishing of paint and carpeting.

The Sheldon Theatre Auditorium Board acknowledges the efforts of so many and, in particular, owes a debt of gratitude to the following: former Sen. Matt Schmit and Rep. Tim Kelly, Sen. Mike Goggin and Rep. Barb Haley, Mayor Sean Dowse, Council member Peggy Rehder, City Council Administrator Kay Kuhlman, Red Wing city staff, and Sheldon Theatre Executive Director Bonnie Schock.

The Sheldon Theatre Board must also thank the Red Wing City Council for ongoing partnership and commitment to the care of this historic theatre's unique, exceptional physical infrastructure.

The efforts of the city and local government on behalf of Red Wing and the Sheldon Theatre will ensure that future generations will continue to experience the performing arts in a visually stunning environment and witness the value of the performing arts to the Red Wing community.

Nancy Dimunation

Red Wing

Nancy Dimunation is president of the Sheldon Theatre Auditorium Board.