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Letter: Home hospital kitchen — with help from real friends

To the editor:

I recently went to Mayo in Rochester for a routine HOLEP prostate operation. (My urologist works at both Red Wing and Rochester, but scheduled me in Rochester). I think he did six others the same day as mine.

When I woke up, I found out mine was anything but routine. They had to cut me open similar to a cesarean operation and cut through my bladder to complete the operation. The doctor said that happens maybe one time per year. So instead of one night in Methodist with a catheter, I needed two weeks. The nurses were the best.

Now this is where friends come. I didn't really want all that blood, etc., in our nice carpeted bedroom.

It was a weekend when I was released. I located a hospital bed at Corner Medical, but no one to assemble it, which is not an easy task with all the power controls, side supports, etc.

John and David Howe came to the rescue even with David's graduation party that night. They put the bed and commode in my kitchen on a tile floor.

The next task was to find someone to help my great wife and caregiver, Pat, understand the bag of medicines. A very professional lady from Hiawatha Homecare met us at the door when we arrived home late Saturday and laid everything out perfectly for Pat.

Lastly, I knew Jay from Visiting Angels through the Pottery coffee group and they had a nice angel come a few nights so Pat could get some rest.

Malon Heath

Red Wing