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Letter: City's purpose hidden in closed session

To the editor:

Red Wing City Council, on June 26, (absent John Becker) closed the curtains and went into another closed session in what I think was the most flagrant violation of Open Meeting Law I've ever witnessed.

Before going into closed session, Council President Kim Beise only revealed that they were considering making an offer on the property located at 621 Fourth St., in the historical district.

As it turns out, I can see why council members wanted to hide their actions from the public. After the closed session, it was revealed they are going to make an offer on the property so they can put in a homeless shelter there.

The Open Meeting Law allows for a closed session to develop making an offer on a property. That's understandable. But not to hide from the public what your intentions are. Not to hide your deliberations. That's precisely what this law aims to prevent.

We need leaders who will fight for open government, who will stand up for the public's right to know.

Kent Laugen

Red Wing