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Letter: Lewis cheers as AHCA would eliminate coverage for the poor

There is a picture burned into my mind. It is a picture of Republican congressmen (yep, mostly men) giggling and cheering like third-graders. They were gleefully celebrating their passage of the American Health Care Act.

Standing on the bottom step in the picture of the People's Home, otherwise known as the White House, was President Trump. Peeking over the president's shoulder was my congressman in hiding ... the missing Jason Lewis.

All the men pictured now consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition and let's not forget the same thoughts regarding asthma, diabetes and cancer. They must because they voted for the AHCA.

In Lewis's district (MInnesota Congressional District 2) it is estimated 27,700 people will lose their health insurance because of the AHCA. The wealthy in CD-2 eventually will not have to pay Medicare payroll tax. A little more than one in five in Goodhue County receives Social Security. Many of them are also receiving some necessary form of Medicare and perhaps Medicaid, which disappears for many of them because of the AHCA. The estimated billion dollar savings in Medicaid barely covers the tax breaks given to the wealthy under this act.

Something not talked about in the recent taxpayer paid for multicolored slick "Update," authored by Lewis and sent to his constituents, was that many employers who provide health insurance to their workers will be jumping on the benefit elimination bandwagon cheered on by the likes of Lewis.

Really what he and his neo-conservatives pals did by passing the AHCA was reduce or eliminate health coverage for the poor, middle-class and elderly.

The AHCA is now swirling around the Senate.Unlike the House, let's hope the Senate returns to the elected job of representing all citizens, not just the wealthy.

Bruce Yernberg

Red Wing