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Letter: Wisconsin shouldn't weaken firearms laws, put kids at risk

On May 31, 2017, a public hearing was held in Madison about proposed legislation that would change firearm-carrying laws in Wisconsin. Senate Bill 169 and Assembly Bill 247 seek to allow people to carry firearms without state permits and without training. Furthermore, these bills would make it acceptable for anyone to carry guns in school zones with only a "basic" federal permit and without training.

The National Rifle Association would like Wisconsin citizens to believe that any sane condition to the Second Amendment means that the whole amendment is in jeopardy. Not only is this a lie, but it is a ridiculous attempt to fear monger responsible gun owners into carrying a weapon anywhere, including into a kindergarten class.

I wholly disagree with the idea that guns be allowed on school grounds or in school buildings. I wholly disagree with the suggestion that it is the responsibility of the schools or campuses to post this on all areas of their property, another idea set forth in this legislation. How much money would our school district or UWRF have to spend on posting signs in order for us to feel confident that there are no guns carried by untrained people around our students?

Please write or call your legislators to oppose SB 169 and AB 247. This kind of dangerous and ill-conceived legislation puts all of us at risk, especially our children in school.

Kiki Augustin

River Falls