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Letter: County Board fails to assess hog farm issue

To whom should people make a complaint regarding hog manure smell from a nearby facility? My Goodhue County representative should be concerned and help direct me to the correct resources, right? He is not truly assessing the issue.

I would like to add a valid point I think Goodhue County has been missing all along. If living in an A1 District requires unwanted smelling of hog manure by nearby residences, isn't it odd that the owners of the hog barn do not live anywhere near the site? If it was not such a big deal, then why wouldn't they have just built the hog barn next to where they live?

I find it hard to believe that Goodhue County Board members can single handedly have the power to define who can and who cannot have the right to the personal use and enjoyment of one's real property. Last time I checked, I could not find anything in the ordinances requiring people to lose their property rights because others happen to have more money and own more land. Everyone has the right to have their property values and livelihood be not infringed upon.

Jed Post