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Letter: Proud to be a Winger

To the editor:

As a parent of a high school senior who was injured during a recent Red Wing boys' basketball game, I was as proud to be a part of the community as I was of my son at what became his final game of the season.

The care, attention and concern shown toward Christian and our family from the time he was hurt on the court to learning that he would need surgery and nine months of recovery, abruptly ending his basketball season, reminded me of the fact that he has been cared for as well as shaped and molded by the Red Wing community.

We were greeted and consoled by his coaches and teammates as we learned of our new reality. Friends along with our Red Wing community "took us under their wing." As difficult as this was, we of course knew we were still so very fortunate.

I was instantly comforted knowing my son had the values that our family has instilled in him that make him who he is today. I also considered us to be very lucky to have been able to raise him in an environment where his coaches, teachers, friends and parents have been so influential and in a small community that takes such pride in our youths.

I came to the realization that this was an opportune time to thank all of you, my son's Red Wing family, for having been so gracious. He has truly felt your love as well as your respect and has appreciated being surrounded by your support.

He is very proud to be a Winger and for that his father and I will be forever grateful. We couldn't be more proud.

Gina Massett, Red Wing