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Letter: Standing with standing rock

To the Editor:

"Protests are not the same," the Grand Forks Herald's editorial printed in the RE Dec. 3&4, is a first-class "whitewash" of a contemporary environmentally and culturally significant concern.

To say that the Dakota Pipeline Access Project is simply an "infrastructure project that has no racial component, no discriminatory intent, and no undue environmental risk" examples the continuation of public disregard for both Native American rights and all Americans rights to environmental security. To say that the Native peoples involved should just "follow the law" is a laughable lie placed on the footsteps of our shameful national history of broken treaties with Native Americans.

The Standing Rock Tribal Council, in cooperation with related tribes, is actively enlisting only peaceful prayer as a "weapon" against further de-consecration of their land and water. An organized mass "prayer protest" under tribal leadership and guidelines has attracted historic support among Native Americans and others, including U.S. Senators and military veterans, both across the U.S. and internationally. This story presses on one of the most important environmental and cultural challenges we face today.

An informed perspective demands accurate information laced with a depth of cultural understanding that was, in the editorial, nowhere in evidence.

Bruce McBeath & Dianne Aisenbrey

Red Wing