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Letter: Twin Bluff doesn't need a roundabout

To the Editor:

The roundabout that is supposed to be made by Twin Bluff Middle School is unnecessary for our community.

First of all, it is a waste of money. It costs a lot of money to have a roundabout built. Instead, the money could go toward the schools and programs that the schools offer. Money toward the schools can help obtain better resources for learning.

Secondly, semi trucks will have a much harder time going around a roundabout than stopping and going. Cars will have to wait for the semi trucks to get through because they will be going slower.

Emergency vehicles will have a difficult time going through when there is other traffic in the roundabout. Cars need room to pull off to the side of the road and with a roundabout there will be limited space for them to pull over.

Lastly, the four-way stop is much safer for a school zone. Having to come to a stop, rather than yielding, will keep drivers looking out for children and other people before continuing.

Chase Sherman

Red Wing

Chase Sherman attends Red Wing High School. This letter was written to the editor as part of an English class.