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Letter: Increase school's athletic opportunities

To the Editor:

Is Red Wing really showing all we got through sports? I grew up in a school with just a women's volleyball team, but I believe we should change that. I think that a men's volleyball team would expand the horizon of some of the young men in our school and can show off the skills of our school.

First, volleyball is a fun activity to have because it would just be a goofy, fun activity for us guys to do, and would also be fun for the crowd to come and cheer the players on. I think that more sports like men's volleyball, trap shooting and ultimate Frisbee would bring the school and the community together.

Getting a wider variety of sports that men can participate in would get more people to go out for these sports. Many people are wanting to play in these sports, but do not have the opportunity to, because the school does not offer it to them. This is why I believe that we should get a men's volleyball team at Red Wing High School so we can really see the young athletes in our school open up and have fun.

Nick Ramstad

Red Wing

Nick Ramstad attends Red Wing High School. He wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.