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Letter: Work offers face-to-face lessons

To the Editor:

Having certain jobs in the community where you get to interact with people face-to-face is fantastic. Personally, I work at Walgreens, and I can say building relationships by talking to people at the register helps the town of Red Wing a lot. By just working there for a few weeks, I notice people leave with a smile on their faces. Our pharmacy helps out the elderly by supplying medication and by also showing the customers what's best and how to use them. Showing respect toward the community is my No. 1 goal. I show this by my character, and how I want to treat others. Also, some other goals of mine for the future would definitely be gaining friendship with regular customers, and getting to know them a lot better. The same customers come in nearly every day, and it would be great to learn their likes and interests. Communication is just about everything in life, and this is a job that shows just that. In conclusion, having one-on-one relationships is the key for me in the Walgreens workplace. Just getting to help out people independently shows that you can communicate better and shows that they're valued and cared for. Even if there are bad days, customers always get help one way or another.

Benjamin Huebner

Red Wing

Benjamin Huebner attends Red Wing High School. He wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.