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Letter: Speed up Red Wing High School parking lot repairs

To the Editor:

Parking in the Red Wing High School parking lot is difficult for many students in many different ways.

The school makes us pay for a pass to park here. The cost is really high while our parking lot looks bad. Where does the money go that we pay to park here? It is not going into the parking lot because the lot has not changed since I've been driving here.

Then we have to go and pay for our car maintenance when we hit one of the many potholes in the parking lot. Even if we get our cars fixed, we may have to fix them a few months later.

The school district just got a bunch of money to pay for things in all of the Red Wing Public Schools. The parking lot at the high school is one of them. It needs to be fixed now but they have decided to wait until next year. According to Red Wing Superintendent Karsten Anderson " It takes considerable time to complete the bid specifications and solicit bids, so it is not possible to complete the work this summer."

I know it takes time to get through the process of having the parking lot redone, however it needs to be done now not later.

DesRae Heath

Red Wing High School

DesRae Heaht attends Red Wing High School. This letter was written to the editor as part of an English class.