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Letter: Lake City residents should have say on three-lane proposal

 To the Editor:

I grew up in Lake City, am still living there, and I have to say, it's a blessing. This town is gorgeous and full of scenery. Tourists come from all over. People who aren't from here tend to stop and stare at the lake, which isn't a problem, as long as it's not on the road. From my experience, people that drive slower are the ones glancing at the scenery. There are currently four lanes through town. The City Council is considering a plan to change the four lanes into two lanes plus a turning lane. As of right now, they aren't having an open vote to allow the citizens of Lake City to have a say. Going from four lanes to three lanes should not happen. The first concern to the people is that traffic would be slow, congested and difficult for semis to turn. People who look at the lake driving through town tend to drive slower, but the people who live here and are used to seeing the lake on a daily basis, go on their way, driving the speed limit. In that case, having two lanes would slow everyone down. Semis, on the other hand, already have a hard time turning with four lanes. With two lanes, it would decrease the room that they have now. Another concern for the people and businesses on the highway is that the traffic would prevent them from getting out of their driveways. If we had two lanes, and there is a lot of traffic, people would not be able to get on side roads safely. Business would get hurt because their delivery trucks won't have any room to unload. Last but not least, the cost to the city is a big question mark. The City Council was elected by the majority, so they need to listen to the majority. This project will be close to a couple million dollars and the citizens of Lake City will have to pay for it. If we are paying for this, then we should have a say.

Courtney Bolduc

Lake City

Courtney Bolduc attends Red Wing High School. She wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.