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EDITORIAL: The mandate is yours

Republicans should be wary of flinging around the “M” word. They have no clear mandate.

Regardless of the fact that the GOP will hold the presidency, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House — as well as control the Minnesota House and Senate — come January, the 2016 election was about stopping candidates more than it was about discussing reasonable solutions to the nation’s challenges. Many speeches, advertisements and mailers resorted to name-calling and personal attacks.

What is clear is that half of America was angry leading up to Election Day and the other half is angry now.

Donald Trump played into people’s anger over health care reform, lost jobs and the changing of face of America where white males no longer rule the roost. Now his detractors, flinging around “M” words of their own, say the misogynist manipulated the masses. They are angry the nation would elect such a man.

The truth is his “Make America Great Again” campaign became a home for racists, sexists, xenophobes and bullies. Our nation is better than that. No one in these camps should make the mistake of thinking his victory gives them a license or mandate to browbeat anyone. The U.S. Constitution — the living document that keeps the great American experiment alive — through our system of checks and balances will stop them. Local school administrators are making that clear to students bringing bias and bigotry to the playground.

Trump won the race that counted: the Electoral College. Yet Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so there is no mandate.

Or maybe there is — the one laid out by the Founding Fathers that citizens reserve the power for themselves. Let’s channel our anger into civic involvement and hold the president, Congress, lawmakers and city hall more accountable to you, the people, all equal and all free.