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Editorial: Buckle your kids, then buckle yourself

Minnesota motorists and their passengers appear to be headed in the right direction, at least when it comes to wearing seat belts. That's based on statistics from the latest Click it or Ticket campaign.

From May 22-June 4, officers, deputies and troopers issued 6,771 seat belt citations and 184 child seat violations. That's still way, way too many, but a welcome decrease from the 10,874 seat belt citations and 279 child seat violations in the 2014 summer campaign. When you compare 2014 to 2017, that's a 38 percent drop in infractions overall.

In fact, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports that 2017 marked the third consecutive drop. The summer 2016 campaign had 7,233 seat belt citations and 213 child seat violations while there were 7,393 seat belt citations and 175 child seat violations in 2015.

Here are the citations local law enforcement agencies issued during the recent two-week wave of extra enforcement:

Cannon Falls — 19 seat belt, 1 child seat

Goodhue — 3 seat belt, 0 child seat

Goodhue County — 13 seat belt, 0 child seat

Kenyon — 2 seat belt, 0 child seat

Lake City — 2 seat belt, 0 child seat

Red Wing — 3 seat belt, 0 child seat

Zumbrota — 7 seat belt, 0 child seat

Residents can pat themselves on the back, but commit to doing better — especially for their children, who rely on adults to ensure their safety. All it takes is one slip up not to "click it" for your child or yourself and a survivable accident becomes a tragedy.

Keep buckling up, Minnesota.