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Editorial: Construction may annoy, but it's worth it

Summer won't officially begin for another two weeks, but road construction is in full swing. Summer as Midwesterners know it truly is here.

These road and bridge projects, including preparations for the interstate Mississippi River span to replace the aging Eisenhower Bridge, will create occasional headaches for the impatient and patient alike — frustration and exhaustion that can't be blamed on the arrival of summer heat. But each of us would do well to remember that delays, detours and dust are part of the package.

There are immediate gains, of course, including employment for laborers. In addition to jobs on actual the construction sites, hundreds of jobs associated with road construction — trucking, engineering and excavating — pump money into the local economy. Plus, the hospitality industry sees gains as some of these construction workers eat in local restaurants or stay in local motels four or five nights a week.

Follow the construction signs. Slow down in work zones. Give these workers who are working to improve our infrastructure the room to do their jobs efficiently and well. The more we cooperate, the quicker they can finish.

Remember, the end results will be worth it. Our roads will be safer, our vehicles will last longer and people will get where they need to go in good time.