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Editorial: Yay, the Quzhou exchange teacher has arrived

Soaring high: Welcome, Victor Yu. The community looks forward to learning more about Quzhou, China, and the nation's rich heritage through you — in the classroom, during talks to civic organizations and in casual conversation.

The Republican Eagle soon will share your story with readers so they can make the most of your stay here.

The teacher exchange program between the sister cities is cause for celebration. The first gathering for 2017 was Tuesday with the proverbial potluck. That means you officially live in the Midwest. Through May 7, please call Red Wing "home."

Rough landing: More than a few of us have suffered a rough landing or two this winter, thanks to freezing rain, sleet and the repeated freeze-thaw cycles producing ice everywhere.

Being Midwesterners, we typically react with embarrassment when we fall and we push aside help. Call 911? No way. See a doctor? Not if we can help it.

Falls account for more than 8 million to 11 million hospital emergency room visits, depending upon the source. Slips account for over 1 million visits or 12 percent of total falls.

Bruised egos and bottoms aside, slips, trips and falls can be serious. Slow down. Stay alert. Wear the proper footwear. This is winter, so act accordingly — and yes, accept a little help or offer it.