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Editorial: The times indeed are changing

Bob Dylan never actually spent hard time inside “the walls of Red Wing,” although his song by that name made people wonder. In fact, some Red Wing residents declined to believe former Warden Otis Zanders when, while making his round of retirement speeches, he stated Minnesota’s poet/troubadour never was a Training School boy.

Times have changed and the rebel writer is now a respected laureate.

Oh, well. At least the Hibbing native who accepts his 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature today wrote about Red Wing.

Dylan released his song about the place we know today as Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing in 1963. His metaphorical fence didn’t became a reality for 30 years and it still isn’t electrified, but he sang convincingly of the mess hall and bunkhouse shingles, of the hopelessness of those “cast off like criminals.”

He certainly got the ending right … that anybody can overcome adversity, a rough childhood and even a system that doesn’t always seem to believe in you.

Oh, some of us’ll end up

In St. Cloud Prison
And some of us’ll wind up
To be lawyers and things
And some of us’ll stand up
To meet you on your crossroads
From inside the walls
The walls of Red Wing