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Find a real thrill

Rough landing: Royal West Amusements simply didn’t show up for the Goodhue County Fair. That’s right. There’s no midway — through no fault of the Fair Board.

Organizers compensated with inflatable toys, which certainly appeal to the younger set. Fortunately, popular attractions such as the demolition derbies continue as planned through Sunday.

The fair has had difficulty attracting and keeping midways. The primary reason is that the rural fair isn’t a big enough money-maker for some outfits.

Still, it’s the Goodhue County Fair and the real thrill is seeing a kid win a blue ribbon. Go see for yourself.

Soaring high: Rivalry adds spice to life and to baseball. The Red Wing Aces and Miesville Mudhens duked it out again last night.

There’s something especially sweet about battling in the Section 1B tournament when it’s Game 3 and you know your opponent so well.