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Editorial: Don't pull U-turn on road plan

There's a reason that states across the nation prohibit U-turns on interstate highways. U-turns are hazardous, especially when traffic is cruising at 65 mph. A U-turn requires a motorist to slow down - essentially stop - to navigate a hairpin turn before accelerating to re-enter traffic.

Why then has the Minnesota Department of Transportation proposed U-turns on Highway 52 to replace the intersection with Goodhue County Road 9? Highway 52 isn't an interstate, but it is a freeway with heavy, fast-moving traffic. County Road 9 is deadly. Forcing motorists to make U-turns doesn't seem much safer.

Goodhue County commissioners want an overpass. If you support their decision to stand by their road plan, then let MnDOT know. Attend the highway meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday at Urland Lutheran Church.