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Editorial: City, call it a bonus

The public may not comprehend that Red Wing City Council gave Administrator Kay Kuhlmann what amounts to a $5,000 bonus Monday night. We suspect this got lost in the contentious debate over Mayor Dennis Egan's new lobbying post with the Minnesota Industrial Sand Council.

Technically, the council awarded her a one-time lump sum of 83 hours in additional vacation time.

But time is money, especially when staff members have to cover for her when she is gone. And money is time, because the day inevitably comes when someone cashes in unused vacation time.

Kuhlmann received a glowing 2012 performance evaluation. She works hard, council members say. Good. She's earned something extra for her efforts last year, they said. Fine. We have no problem with the council rewarding her for that performance, provided that citizens understand what that means. Just call it what it is: a bonus.