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Area schools cancel classes for Jan. 22

Editorial: Good leaders

Citizens have three good people leading local government: Heidi Jones chairs the Red Wing School Board, Dan Rechtzigel leads the Goodhue County Board and Lisa Bayley is the new Red Wing City Council president.

Elected by their peers, each promises to lead through consensus while building a vision with citizen input. Representative government doesn't get much better than that. We fully expect these individuals will do their best to deliver on their promises.

The school district, county and city face challenges unique to each organization, but they also have many in common. Those include aging infrastructures and rising health insurance costs. They also have state and federal mandates that sometimes come without revenue -- or enough of it -- to do the job.

Our local governments sometimes get caught up in their specific issues and programs, forgetting they might do well to seek common ground. We hope Bayley, Jones and Rechtzigel will find ways to work with one another in 2013 and beyond.