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Editorial: Don't stop at voting

Voters told Red Wing School District they don't want a $30 million building bond.

Voters told Red Wing City Hall they don't want a half-cent local sales tax.

So what do citizens want? Or perhaps of more interest to public leaders: What would people be willing to support?

Local governments do an excellent job asking citizens for input. The local citizenry, in turn, rarely hesitates to respond.

We remind all parties that the next round of invitations -- often called Truth-in-Taxation hearings -- will begin after the Thanksgiving weekend. Look for times and locations in the mail and in the Republican Eagle.

The school district still faces major building concerns, including a classroom shortage, roofing problems and worn athletic facilities. Without the sales tax revenue, the city won't be tackling more than $14 million in capital projects.

If you believe something is a priority or if you have a proposal, contact a local official now. The more you're involved, the better government will work.